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You Can Observe A Lot By Watching (Yogi)

Have you been watching the political debates? I have been interested to see the popularity polls after each debate. The TV political pundits will tell us what we just saw on the debate, and then tell us who won. Then, the polls tell us who really won the debate. In many instances, the pundits got it wrong. (That word pundit is sometimes a slam and sometimes a compliment)

So far, during this Presidential campaign, it seems to be beneficial to have no political experience. For the Republicans, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carla Fiorina are leading the polls. Very diverse backgrounds that include everything but political office.

That brings me to Jeb Bush, who apparently is taking the brunt of having political experience. Instead of being the anointed one like most initially thought, he is now scrambling for viability.  So, he has taken on a new strategy of claiming experience… while being an outsider.

He has seen the Trump/Carson/Fiorina effect and he wants in on it. As he burns through political cash, his donors are reportedly getting anxious. They call it the campaign burn rate. How much do you spend compared to what you take in from donors. For Bush, his September rate was 85% intake to spending. That’s high! So, what’s the new strategy?

Bush recently told supporters that he is such a Washington outsider, that he wouldn’t be able to drive a car in downtown D.C. because he knows so little about the area. Now that has got to have impact for voters… if you are planning on being a taxi driver.

Since I am a Washington Wizards fan, I can navigate D.C. pretty well. Plus, it helps to have numbered and alphabetical streets, and then there’s that new-fangled thing called GPS. Of course, Jeb’s father was the Vice President for 8 years, and then the President for 4 years. His brother was the President for 8 years, so it’s understandable that Bush wouldn’t….. wait a second, it’s not understandable.

The point of all this is that being real seems to be in season right now. Most of us have just about had enough. When we hear Hilary Clinton say that she is going to be more spontaneous on the campaign trail, it made me remember that old slogan, “be sincere, whether you are or not”.

Being real… it makes me want to get up and announce that I plan on being two inches taller tomorrow. And I decide to be more spontaneous because my pants will be too short.  Of course maybe Yogi Berra had it right when he said to Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours. That’s what I call real right there!

And our pic o’ day, speaking of driving:


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