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Refrigerator Magnet Story

This is a blog that Hollywood would say, “Based on a true story”.

Doug went to sign up a new client in Virginia Beach yesterday. That’s the part of “We come to you”.

When he got to the apartment, it seemed very familiar. When he asked the lady why she had decided to call us to represent her, she pointed to her refrigerator. On the its side was a Joel Bieber magnet. she said, “the refrigerator was the only thing left in the apartment from the previous tenant. When I saw the Joel Bieber Firm magnet on the side, I decided to call”.

When Doug got back to the office, he cross-checked the address. He had been to that very apartment about three years ago. Sure enough, the previous tenant had been a client and had left her refrigerator… and the magnet.

Doug said, “what are the odds of that?”. I said, “I hope we are still using those magnets!”

and for pic o’ day, I went with some timely words!



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