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Someone read my Monday blog and mentioned that it was a bit long for Monday reading. It reminded me of the story of the long-winded speaker.

A speaker was continuing to deliver his long and boring speech without noticing that he was losing his audience. The master-of-ceremonies was trying to get his attention to clue him in that it was time to stop, but he couldn’t get the speaker’s attention.

Finally out of desperation to get the speaker’s attention, he picked up his gavel, aimed and threw it but missed the speaker and hit a man in the first row instead. The man slumped down and then groaned, “Hit me again… I can still hear him.”

I’ve noticed that we have been picking up more twitter followers lately. Maybe it’s because I can’t send a message any longer than 140 characters.  Lincoln really did have a point with his short Gettysburg Address!

And for pic o’ day, this just seemed politically topical…



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