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Photo Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Thousands of drivers in New Jersey can breathe a traffic ticket sigh of relief. ( The state Judiciary has asked local courts to dismiss tickets that were issued to  17,000 drivers who were caught on camera running red lights.

photo light

Under New Jersey law, drivers are supposed to receive notice within 90 days that they have been charged with the traffic violation of running a red light. That notice did not go out to the drivers. The company that has oversight for failing to send the notices is also under scrutiny as to whether they paid bribes and gave gifts to government officials, to  help secure these traffic camera contracts.

Ultimately, I suspect that losing the revenue from 17,000 traffic tickets has caused this attention. Isn’t it interesting that this would arise in New Jersey, the home of “Bridgegate” and Governor Christie?

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And with that thought… our  pic o’ day :

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