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Seminar Sittin’

All of our Firm lawyers from the Virginia offices are attending the Virginia Trial Lawyers’ convention. Each year, Virginia requires us to attend 12 hours of continuing legal education that includes 2 hours of ethics. This will count toward that requirement.  Plus, we will work in some good meals!

The seminar is at a facility called the Homestead this year. It is a resort on the Virginia/West Virginia line. A bit of a getaway.

It starts at 1P today and runs through Saturday. The organizers are smart in their scheduling because the seminar starts with the two hours of ethics, which means that most want to be there by the beginning to get the ethics credit. The first ethics speaker happens to have his office across from our Richmond office.

I promised the office that I would post some pictures from the seminar.  So, the pressure is on!

And for Pic-O-Day…


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