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Different states have different requirements for lawyer advertising. Sometimes these requirements from those respective state bars do change over the years.

Our law firm TV ads used to include required disclaimers at the end of each ad that also included our law firm address. Just for my own enjoyment, I would also list that “Joel Bieber enjoys eating at Golden Corral”. It was the truth, but we then started getting emails from people who wondered why Golden Corral was in the ad. I guess they didn’t realize that their email was the cause and effect.

For today’s blog, I am using the method of eating at Golden Corral. I am attaching various entries. It’s like walking up to the buffet to choose from all the choices. If somethings interests you, then I hope you will click on it. These are some of the items that I have in my collection that never quite made it into full blogs.

Am I the only one who wonders about the invention of brunch? Well, here is the story (Mental of the invention of Brunch.

Should the police be allowed to lie, to get a confession? (ABA Journal) How about the lie that your accomplice has already told us the story?

Why are so many prisoners now requesting Kosher meals? (NY Times)

Does it surprise you that “No More Tears” Baby Shampoo is now being made without formaldehyde? (NY Times)

Hopefully, something grabs your attention. For pic o’ day we go to a pretty good legal defense for destruction of property:


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