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The Hospital Fat Suit

It is a familiar suggestion,  “Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”  No one is credited with that famous saying but the native Americans also said,  “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.”  Of course, I could just keep going with the sayings like, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, because you appear ungrateful. Yes, those old gift horses. By the way, did anyone have to return a Christmas pony to the Christmas pony store?… but I digress.

ABC News  reports that British hospital workers decided that they were going to try to experience the difficulties that their obese patients were experiencing. That’s why I started with the “walking a mile in their shoes” until I got carried away! Staffers have begun to wear “Fat suits” to better understand real life situations in caring for obese patients. Statistically, the number of obese patients at this British hospital in the news has grown from having six patients in 2010 who weighed almost 400 pounds, to 52 patients, who needed care in 2013.

A grant was provided to buy several obese suits to be worn by the hospital staff that would cause staffers to feel the life proportion of being a 560 pound person, and to create the experience of being movement restricted, just as these obese patients.

Julie Tebb of the hospital staff described the suit experience as, “I found it quite uncomfortable to be completely on my back. It restricts my airways and I find it very difficult to breath”.  All staffers report that it has caused them to look at their patients in a different way and “to think of their patients in a different way”. Experiencing another’s difficulties has caused more patience.

Now to pic o’ day. First, I am admittedly posting a picture that is totally for me. Years from now when I look at this blog, I know that this will bring a smile from a wonderful game memory. If you didn’t watch any weekend football… then it probably won’t mean much to you. Or if you aren’t a Colts fan, it would be hard to walk “in my fandom shoes”.

Luck Dive

And for the real pic o’ day… someone who could use some help!

use some help

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