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A Friday Coast

Fridays usually make everyone smile, even when they work on Saturdays. It is also a good day to do a rambling blog.

I always tend to think that it is a good day to call adjusters. Maybe they are feeling more relaxed and go ahead and throw in just enough to settle the case. I can definitely tell a difference in the tone of their voices.

Weekends are sometimes telltale signs of client’s injuries. Before the crash, they might have taken a trip. Maybe they enjoyed gardening or doing physical work in their yard just to relax. Now, a trip or work in the yard is still possible for many; but they will pay for it physically in the morning. Weekends are no longer the same. A damage marker.

This is the last Friday of a little peace for retail workers. Next Friday… Black Friday.

We still observe casual Friday at the Firm. That is also a bit of recognition that the staff has been working hard all week and are rewarded with some casual.

Many are dealing with a lot of stress this time of year. I hope that this Friday is a time to exhale.

I also think that this Friday is a good excuse to be able to start posting Thanksgiving pictures. Of course, now that Christmas displays seem to be in full force on September 1, maybe we should start Thanksgiving decorations in July. But, that’s not my fight… it’s Friday!

So, in keeping for Pic o’ day, let’s reach back to one of my past favorites:

car load o'turkeys

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