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The Illegal Alien Letter

An Indiana lawyer has been suspended for 30 days by the Indiana Supreme Court because of a comment that he used in a letter. (ABA Journal). The lawyer, Joseph B. Barker, wrote a 2009 letter to an opposing counsel to protest a client’s access to his child, in a custody case.

Here’s what the letter said that brought the suspension:

Your client doesn’t understand what laws and court orders mean I guess. Probably because she’s an illegal alien to begin with. I want you to repeat to her in whatever language she understands that we’ll be demanding she be put in JAIL for contempt of court. I’m filing a copy of this letter with the court to document the seriousness of this problem.”

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the letter violated ethics rules because it “had no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, burden or delay a third person”.

I know what you are thinking. He should not have used contractions in a formal letter. Wait… that’s not what you are thinking?

DID YOU KNOW that Coca-Cola would be green if coloring was not added to it? I guess I am more surprised that you can bake a ham that has been basted with Coca-Cola, to produce a delicious gravy.  At least that’s what they say!

And for pic o’ day, here’s what you can say today if someone catches you sleeping:


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