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Business on a Handshake

Every Tuesday night, on CNBC’s new show “The Profit”, millionaire Marcus Lemonis makes a monetary offer to be involved in rescuing a failing business.  He requires the principals to allow him to be fully in charge for one week. Then, the show follows that week of change and turmoil. He does all his business deals by handshake agreement. (story here) There is no written contract.

animal handshake

I highly recommend the show because it has solid business principles and also reminds you of the reasons that some businesses just don’t make it. Separately, it is amazing to see a successful business man who still does business on the contract of a handshake. The pasted story gives some reminder of the history of business by handshake. Plus, it also is a reminder of the good old days… when someone’s word was their bond!

Did you know that a group of kangaroos is called a mob?


And for pic o’ day… it’s all about math:

math problem

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