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Attorney General Sues Trump

During the week we have attorney and paralegal meetings at the Firm. I jokingly call them Joel Bieber University. Yep… JBU. At  least I try to underpromise and over deliver… by keeping them awake during most of the meetings!

When Donald Trump hit success with the TV program The Apprentice,  he was presented with several money making opportunities that included Trump Ice, a line of clothing and an educational program.

Those that bought his clothing could see what they were getting. I guess there is no surprise over water. The educational program called Trump University, has now brought a lawsuit from New York’s Attorney General. (Associated Press)

A $40 milliion dollar lawsuit has been filed against Trump alleging that Trump has helped to run a phony “Trump University”.  The lawsuit  claims that many of the 5000 students that enrolled have not received what was promised, and that their tuition basically only bought them books that were written by Trump. In addition, the pleadings allege that the programs actually caused “real financial harms” by encouraging students to increase their lines of credit on their credit cards, to help make real estate purchases. Instead, they were pressured to buy Trump real estate books.

Trump’s attorney accuses the Attorney General of just trying to extort campaign money and get headlines by going after Trump. He said that Trump University has over 11,000 testimonials of students praising the program. He further stated that, “This entire investigation is politically motivated and it is a tremendous waste of taxpayer money”.

One part of the lawsuit that made me laugh related to pictures with Trump. According to the lawsuit, students thought that they would meet and have their pictures taken with The Donald. Instead, they had their picture taken in front of a life-sized picture. Yep… a cardboard disappointment right there.

For our DID YOU KNOW segment, I went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. It’s the story of Dominic Calgi. He was extremely proud of his car. His license plate was 5V 17 32. His date of death… May 17, 1932. Now that’s a Ripley’s!

Pic o’ day is from my Mom:


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