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Airline Miles “Expiration”?

Here is an interesting thought on contract law from an unexpected place: “Dear Abby“.   It comes from a question that she received:


Dear Abby: My mother is in her mid-90s and in good health. She has no intention of dying soon, but asked me an interesting question. She has mileage points with a major airline and was wondering if she can use them for the “final trip” back to her home state for burial when the time comes. Do you know the answer?

— One-Way Ticket

Dear One-Way: Your question is not only an interesting one, but it’s a first. I contacted a spokesperson for a major airline who responded that his company does not accept mileage points as a form of payment for any type of “shipment.” For her last flight, your mother would no longer be considered a passenger; she would be cargo, which is why her points idea won’t fly.

At the bottom of the article, there were some angry comments about the airlines.

disgust cat

Then some other comments provide some interesting suggestions. One suggested that maybe “Platinum status” should include allowing the miles, as part of that level’s benefits.. It was also mentioned that airlines don’t care about helping because there would be “no repeat business”. But, as one lady reminded, the movie “Die Hard” has had several bad sequels that included “Die Harder” and that the airlines should not be so short-sighted!

One thing that I have noticed, no one ever fights over the airline peanuts!

For pic o’ day, I went with a little airline cartoon humor:


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