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Comcast Bans Gun Advertising

I received two items over the weekend that had financial news about Comcast Cable. First, “The Motley Fool” emailed an investment video with the question, “Imagine What Cable Companies Would Do If Everyone Stopped Watching?”. The investment analysis went on to conclude that losing viewership would cause Comcast to lose about 2.2 trillion dollars, and that Apple TV and Google are on a path to cause the “Death of Cable”.

Then, my email inbox brought me an article from USA Today about Comcast. They are choosing to turn down advertising… any advertising about firearms and ammunition. No more gun and ammo commercials on the nation’s largest cable-TV provider.

Comcast made this announcement after their recent purchase of NBC. Chris Ellis of Comcast’s advertising and sales division reasoned that, “Consistent with long-standing NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward”.

Currently, they do apparently distinguish TV advertising from their web advertising. Comcast, Cox and Time Warner do not list any firearms ad restrictions on their websites.

In response to this Comcast announcement, gun sellers have been expressing mixed emotions. Rick Oliver of Haley’s Lodge, which sells guns, knives and ammunition in Indiana said, “Frankly, I’m a little confused. I’ve been running ads for 30 years. But, if they don’t want my money, I’ll take it elsewhere.”

Greg Hasek, manager of Four Guns, counters that he thinks it’s ridiculous to single out one industry like that. He suggested the widespread advertising for alcohol, despite the many “drunken-driving deaths”. Then, he really went for the metaphor punch, “Buffets are so unhealthy, they can lead to death by obesity complications. Are we going to stop advertising buffets?”

While Washington wrestles over gun legislation, this shows one response in the private sector. Private business has the right to turn down such advertising and business has the right to take their money elsewhere. No word on whether other cable channels will stop advertising the success of investing in gold because it just keeps going up, despite it trading down 6% in 2013. (I just threw in one of my pet peeves right there. They will sell you gold coins and then “hold them for you” or let you hold your investment in your own hands…come on)

Of course, the private sector can run gold ads … if they want. For me, just don’t take away those ads for Golden Corral!

And then, we turn to pic o’ day. Mom sent me another one that she knew would tickle my funny bone:

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