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The 7 Million Dollar Surprise

     Walter Samasko Jr,. was known as a recluse. I typed that because it sounds like being a “friendly stranger”… but I digress.

     He passed away in his Nevada home (story) in May, but his body was not discovered until June. (I think that’s a pretty good sign that he kept to himself). What else he kept is really the subject of the blog.

     At the time of his death, he had $200 in his bank account. He had lived modestly on income that was generated from $200,000 in stock investments.

      As his house was being cleaned for sale, they found among cans of tuna fish that he had stored gold bars and gold coins in the garage and house. The coins had been minted in such places as Mexico, England, Austria and South Africa. Some dated as far back as 1872.

     There were so many coins that the Carson City court clerk used a wheelbarrow to haul the gold to a truck for deposit and safekeeping. At the time of Samasko’s death, he had no will and no close relatives. His mother has died in 1992.

     Using a list from those that had signed as attendees at his funeral, the clerk tracked down a first cousin that was living in California. When she was told about her unexpected inheritance, she could only exclaim, “oh, my God. Oh my God”.

     She had not spoken to Samasko in over a year. No one knew that he was hoarding gold among the cans of tuna. Especially shocking was that they were worth an estimated value of $7 million dollars. It’s a story that almost sounds like something from the movies.  A surprise inheritance from a man who collected coins: who took no time to draft a will and apparently lived a life where a month could roll by without anyone noticing his death.

     For pic o’ day I looked for the joy of simple things (or maybe this is just simple!) :


















     And being surrounded by friends:

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