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I reached into my sport coat pocket and found a small note from the manufacturer that said the following: “It took 121 people a total of 233 hours to complete this garment. We almost hate to let it go- wait… wait… we said almost!”

My experience with a team concept started small. I worked at a Burger King. I was called the Porter, which meant that I pretty much did it all including trash and mopping. That included getting there at 7AM to pick up trash in the parking lot. Later, I would be in charge of sticking burger patties on the broiler.

I would hear an order for two burgers, french fries and a coke come over the intercom. I just kept the burgers coming down the broiler chain. Sometimes I would have to run to the freezer to grab another box. Someone stood on the other end and would put them on a bun with include pickle, ketchup and mustard.

Of course, you could “have it your way” and hold the burger and bun if you wanted. At the register, the crowd would pay for their bag of food, and that doesn’t even include the adventure of the team at the french fry station or the apple pie station. Somehow, everyone got fed.

During college, I found myself working at Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation. As a pipefitter’s helper, I really had little to add. I was assigned to work on a new ship called the “Aquina”. Hundreds of employees all did a little bit. By the end, there was a ship ready to be taken out of dry dock and placed into the water. Low and behold… it floated. I did try to find a picture of it to post. I couldn’t… I hope it’s still floating!

We just finished moving our  Joel Bieber Firm Richmond law office. It was a reminder of teamwork as we boxed for the movers. We have that same feeling everyday as we work on cases. The lawyers might be the face of the case but its the paralegals and investigators who help build the foundation.

It is not unusual to finish the disbursement to a client and then have the client ask me if they can say thank you to the paralegal.  A reminder of  team.

For pic o’ day, I had to go with teamwork!

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