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A Titanic Injury Reminder

I’m not sure whether I should call it a buying weakness or a hobby. It has certainly gone beyond need. I enjoy buying watches. Especially ones that are unique.

This watch is a Romain Jerome brand. It is certified by Harland and Wolff to be made from the original steel of the Titanic. Basically, they included the ship medal and made a “DNA Certified Titanic” watch.

This is an example of turning a bad situation into something worthwhile. In this situation,  owning a piece of the “RMS Titanic” that is a functioning watch.

Greek mythology tells the story of the bird, Phoenix, who rises from the ashes. A story of overcoming. That bird became the symbol of Atlanta, Georgia,  because of being “reborn” from the ashes after it was burned to the ground during the Civil War.

When I look at this watch, I am also reminded of many clients who have managed to turn a very bad situation into a positive. One client was injured on the job and no longer able to work as a pipe-fitter. I remember later, going to his restaurant that he purchased with his settlement money. It made me smile to see a crowd there and to see his look of pride.

Another client was rescued from a burning car by a driver behind her. Years later, the two got married. A wonderful relationship out of a bad situation.

Another client was able to take her settlement money and go back to school. Later, I heard that she was working at the hospital as a nurse.

People normally don’t call me with good news. They call because of some difficulty or injury. The journey can be winding. It’s nice to see an ending that involves overcoming difficulty. Turning a bad event into a something good.

For pic o’ day, how about a Polar Bear alarm clock:

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