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Law and the Starbucks Diet

This is my official diet request. Isn’t there someone out there who can develop the ice cream diet and have it approved by nutritionists everywhere. I would like it to include the soft cone ice cream from Dairy Queen. Having the cone dipped in chocolate would be helpful. OK, maybe even a peanut butter topping.

I am getting carried away here because a librarian from George Mason law school has come close to this plan. CNN reports that Christine Hall has lost over 80 pounds after she started almost exclusively eating at Starbucks about two years ago.

Hall says that she is eating a healthy variety of foods and has become so familiar with their menu that she knows the calories in everything that she orders. She initially became concerned about her weight after being rejected as a possible kidney donor. She eventually lost enough weight to allow her to be part of a 32-person kidney swap (video here) that was performed in November 2010.

She reports that she typically ate oatmeal and coffee for breakfast; a bistro box with fruit and cheese for lunch; and a Panini for dinner. This 66-year-old now weighs 114 pounds. She’s not afraid to discuss her age or her weight!

I’m not sure if we will start to see Subway’s Jared switch diet teams. I’m guessing that there’s no hope for my ice cream diet. How about the all mashed and baked potato diet. Now we are talking!

For pic o’ day, I went with a dog who must be on the Starbucks plan too:

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