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Minature Horse Therapy




A miniature horse named Whisper




In my personal injury practice, treatment and therapy comes in many forms. This Wisconsin news article from “The Journal Times” brought a smile from this therapy.

” Whisper” makes her rounds to Oak Ridge nursing home residents to provide therapy. Now, they are trying to get her officially certified as the first therapy mini-horse.

Initially, Whisper had some difficulty walking on the tile floors. Because she was so loud and sometimes would slide, she now wears sports hoof-wear. Her collection of shoes includes black Converse  shoes and Hello Kitty tennis shoes.

Whisper’s guide says that she lifts the spirits of the residents and has caused some to even get more exercise as they follow her around the facility. She also goes to other disabled homes and provides “visiting cheer”.

For pic o’ day, I found it hard to top Whisper. I went with one that looks like “Team Mischief”.

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