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Delta Baggage Claim Lawsuit

A few years back, I was geared up for my flight to San Diego. For me, “geared up” really means that I was irritable and nervous about flying. No matter how many times that I hear how safe flying really might be, I still go into my white knuckle seat position, at the first sign of turbulence.

When my wife and I arrived, I exhaled a sigh of relief and headed for the baggage carousel. There, I found my black roller luggage and my wife found her hang-up and green luggage.

When we arrived to our hotel room, I commenced to unpack. Now, I admit to being forgetful about some things that I might pack. This time, I immediately knew I was in trouble because there was a small white gown that looked like it would fit a baby. Digging deeper, I found that all the clothes were sized for a toddler.

Somewhere in St Louis, a family soon realized that their baptism robe for their little baby had been substituted for some workout clothes, shaving gear and some colorful dress socks. The airline had mixed up the luggage.

I was given some expense money by the airlines,  to assist in clothing replacement. I can’t remember how much but I do remember that the hotel gift shop had mainly things like t-shirts and candles. I guess you could make a trendy outfit out of that but it would be hard to sit for a long dinner.

That long story brings us to the lawsuit that  Delta Airlines now faces. It’s a timely story, in case you face luggage issues over your holiday or new year travel.

Nearly 4 out of every 1000 passengers filed complaints over their mishandled baggage in 2011.  That added up to about 2 million complaints.

When your luggage is lost by an airline, federal regulations allow you to collect up to $3300 in compensation for what is missing.  Delta must have missed or lost that memo.

According to a lawsuit filed in Miami “Delta uniformly ignores its contractual obligations to reimburse passengers for expenses while bags are delayed”.  In 2010, Delta was penalized 100k by the Department of Transportation for handing out a pamphlet that told passengers that the airline was limited to $25 per day in liability, up to $125 total.

The Miami lawsuit further claims that, “even if consumers learn their right to reimbursement, they are consistently told by Delta employees that there is a daily cap”.  For the story, The DOT spokesman said that airlines are responsible for reasonable expenses, due to mishandled bags. It is supposed to be between the airline and consumer to work that out.

I guess that airlines, particularly Delta, figure that most people will just give up or settle for the $25 per day. In the story, Delta had no comment on the lawsuit. I’d like to ask them what they have been doing with the millions of dollars that they have pocketed.

I have 2 pic o’s today. First is one that makes you think. The second…. well, I never tire of a dog on a lawn mower.

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