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The Herman Cain Ad Lesson

Legal advertising is usually regulated by a State Bar or someone connected to a disciplinary system that might include a Court system. I don’t consider my twitter, facebook or blog as an advertising method, but believe that it might remind some, that I’m out here and I’m doing it…. whatever “it” might be.

Through all that, I have learned the importance of the general umbrella that is known as “social media”. Many lawyers are still coming to grips with the need and benefit of a firm website. Those that have incorporated social media have probably seen more visitors to their website than the “website-only” Firms.

I rambled through those paragraphs because I wanted to apply Herman Cain’s recent Internet video. Please click and watch it. Maybe a few hundred of my blog readers will click and help this video to set viral video records or at least compete with the dog “Denver”.

Now, if you clicked, you’ve seen Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, become an overnight viewing sensation with his ‘smoking man”. It’s better than the Cain video where he was singing, “Imagine there’s no Pizza”; pretending to be John Lennon.

On Friday, Block told CNN that the video was responsible for raising 3 million dollars. All from a man singing while ending with 8 seconds of Cain with a Cheshire Cat grin which I call “The Dexter”, because it looks to me as more serial killer than  possible leader of the free world. (note to self, that’s probably a little to harsh)

I am blogging about this because I am fascinated by this marketing. I don’t think that a State Bar would be pleased with this type of advertising but there probably is more regulation on lawyer advertising versus a Presidential campaign.

Maybe the campaign manager is shrewd by diverting attention away from the Cain sexual harassment reporting or maybe this is really the new successful social media marketing. I would like to know your thoughts, since I took this blog in a bit of a political direction.

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