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US Air Pilot Concern

I enjoy reading recommendations. For books, they sometimes call them reviews. On, readers rate books with stars. Many times on an unknown author, it helps me determine if I want to download the book.

When I recently read a US Air Pilots review, it made me give pause about flying with US Air.

First, a pilot declined to fly because of auxiliary and battery failures. She returned to the gate and was escorted from the airport.

A second crew then declined to fly the aircraft. The article says that a rigorous maintenance and repair was done.

About 7 hours later, a third crew took off. The flight was from Philadelphia to Rome.

The US Airline Pilot’s Association took out a full page ad in USA Today that accused the airline of putting “revenues first, safety second”.

The article does list the back and forth between the airline and union. It’s interesting reading as long as you don’t have an overseas flight soon, with US Air!

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