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A March Madness Trademark

      Shakespeare said,  “love is merely a madness, and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do.”

     I didn’t remember this exact quote but part of it came to mind when I read that the NCAA has now trademarked the term “March Madness”,  for its annual college basketball tournament, to the championship.

     A few years back, I remember going to a TV station to cut local spots that were to air during the Sunday afternoon, leading up to the Super Bowl. They immediately told me, in almost hushed tones, that I couldn’t use the term “Super Bowl” because it had been trademarked.

     Instead, I had to refer to “The Big Game” or “Sunday’s Pro Football Championship”.  I admittedly just didn’t get it. Instead of those quotes, I just wanted to say, “what in the world”.     Now that I see the trademark of “March Madness”, it makes me look at what it might mean. 

     There was a sports marketing company named Intersport, who had the original foresight to trademark the name. Last October, the NCAA paid Intersport a sum of 17.2 Million dollars for sole ownership of the trademark. Yep, you read that correctly.

     It just shows how big the money is in marketing, when it comes to sports. Plus, when the NCAA argues against students getting nothing but scholarships for playing, at least they can’t say that their argument is based in any financial logic.

     The NCAA looks at this purchase as an investment. To them, they will now collect royalties for the use of “”March Madness”. If someone is advertising the “March Madness slam dunk competition” or “The March Madness Video game”, they better get ready to get the check in the mail.

     This blog makes you want to put your thinking cap on. Instead of working harder, it’s a reminder that we need to just work smarter. How about sending me an idea that we can trademark and then sell. Maybe something like “Let’s Google that” or “Can you go Xerox this blog for me”. What ….. No, we’re too late?

     Well, I guess time will tell whether the NCAA is filled with men like those described by Shakespeare; Or,  are they sly like a fox. (hey?… no, guess that’s taken already) or strong like an ox. I could just keep em’ coming.

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