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A Peanuts Thank You Lesson

     I started to blog on the FDA and peanut butter approval and I got sidetracked. (a blog for another day) Sidetracked over a lesson  that I found in Charles Schultz’s  comic strip “Peanuts”. A reminder of the meaning of saying  “thank you” .

     Lucy asks Charlie Brown to help her with her homework. She tells him that if he helps, “I will be eternally grateful”. “Fair enough.” Charlie says, ” I’ve never had anyone be eternally grateful before.”

     Charlie Brown looks over her assignment and tells her, “just subtract 4 from 10 to get how many apples the farmer had left”. “That’s it? That’s it? I have to be eternally grateful for that?” Lucy replies. “I was robbed! I can’t be eternally grateful for this….. it was too easy!”

     With a blank look, Charlie Brown just replies, Well, whatever you think is fair.” 

     “How about if I just say ‘thanks bro’?” Lucy suggests.

     As Charlie Brown leaves to go outside, he sees Linus, who asks, “Where have you been Charlie Brown?” “Helping Lucy with her homework”. “Did she appreciate it?” Linus asks. Charlie replies, “At greatly reduced rates”.

     Sometimes,  A thank you seems a little contrived. A business with a slogan that “Gratitude is our attitude” might mean it or they just enjoy rhyming. A spokesman at the end of a show, speed reading a thank you to all the sponsors usually feels a bit hollow.

     Last week, I had a client come in to sign her paperwork and receive her settlement check. Despite all that she had been through, she  gave me a big smile and then she said ‘thank you so much for all that you did for me”.

     My mind has gone back to that thank you several times, since then. It had an impact on me. I really felt good that I had helped her, and despite what she had been through, it was the client that made me feel that way. 

          “Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” – Author Unknown.

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