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Wyeth and a Cup of Coffee

     This past weekend was a wonderful time at the Bieber household. My wife's family came to run in the Richmond Monument 10K. I think I counted 8 family members that ran. Of course, that included eating a lot of pasta, which meant that I had some good meals.Plus, there is always a great deal of laughter. 

     The morning of the race, I made some great coffee. It Is called Jamaican Blue Mountain. Actually, I made two pots. As everyone was running out the door, they grabbed a cup without comment. However, when they came back, they remarked about how good it was. Plus, they did great in the race. By age groups, we found them listed in the Sunday paper.

     Now, what if I made the claim that such coffee made you run faster in races. Then, I wrote an article on "The Running Benefits of Jamaican Blue", and I paid a doctor a large sum of money to claim that he was the author. Plus, I would cite the study of my family of runners. Maybe, I could even get a sales team to start calling on running stores and suggest that not only does the coffee evidence support the running claim, per the doctor's article, but my sales people would tell the running stores to use the coffee to assist runners with their complexions.

     Okay, where is this headed. Well, there are a lot of articles and blogs on what Wyeth has done with their alleged Ghostwriting of medical articles. (NY Times) Take a minute to read the attached Times article to see what you think of my coffee analogy. Plus, Senator Charles E Grassley has written a letter to Wyeth, to inform them of his investigation of this practice. has posted the entire letter for your review. You'll also note that this letter is written to Bernard J. Poussot, Chairman, President and CEO of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. As a sidenote, it was just announced that Pousssot will get 53 million in the announced merger with Pfizer. (Yahoo) How does that sit with your cup of coffee.

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