Viola Street in Greenville Has Tons of Fun Things to Do

Why so many are travelling to this South Carolina town

Greenville, South Carolina is a fairly popular town with around 70,000 residents who enjoy the area’s many cultural offerings. The city has grown extremely popular with tourists over the last decade or so, with thousands and thousands of them flocking to the city for weekends away. If you find yourself in the area around Viola street and you want something fun to do, there are plenty of things to choose from, including:

  • Paris Mountain State Park

  • Dark Corner Distillery

Greenville has recently been named as one of the “Top 100 Arts Small Towns in the United States” due to the fact that the area embraces artistic developments more than most towns do. There are tons of arts and sciences to see here as the city boasts a number of museums and venues alike for all mediums. Further facts about City of Greenville, SC  can be found here.

Paris Mountain State Park

While many love taking in the city’s bustling culture and nightlife, just as many find solitude in the Paris Mountain State Park. There are lots of trails here including a nice small lake. At the lake you can swim and take paddle boats, and around it you can hike, picnic, or just take in the sights. Information about What the Pleasant Valley, Greenville Area has to Offer can be found here. 

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