Top Attractions in Hampton

 Major sites That Are Worth A Visit

Hampton is an independent city in Virginia. Being in a state rich in history as Virginia, there are plenty of activities historical landmarks that make the city stand out. If you are touring Virginia, then be sure to stop by Hampton and have a look at the various unique features that the city ha to offer. From Fort Monroe to the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, there is so much that you can explore in this beautiful meek town. Here are some of the major attractions in the city. Learn more facts here.


Virginia Air & Space Center

If you are fascinated by space travel and the moon landing, this aerospace museum is definitely worth visiting while you are in Hampton. Here you get to see close to a hundred exhibits, one of which is the Apollo 12 Command Module. You can also catch a few IMAX films on the space revolutionary. Read about Timberlake Is A Golfing Neighborhood here.


Fort Monroe’s Casemate Museum

Any history buff is guaranteed to love it here. Fort Monroe’s Casemate Museum is a true symbol of the history of this country. Inside you will see a room where Jefferson Davies was held after the end of the civil war and also where runaway slaves sought refuge.

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