Things To Do In Pelzer

Found along the Saluda River, Pelzer is about 15 miles to the northeast of Greenville. The town is relatively small, with a population of not more than 500 residents. However, the small community does not necessarily mean that there aren’t any fun things to do in the area, in fact, here are a few places you can stop over and visit. See more here.

City & Scape Winery

City & Scape Winery, home to some of the very best locally handmade wines, is one the most toured establishments in the entire Greenville County. Known for its top-tier wines, the winery is always dedicated to offering its loyal customers nothing short of fantastic products. They use locally sourced materials to make their products. With a visit to the facility, you are guaranteed to leave with personalized experiences and beautiful memories. Learn more about Things to Do In Greenville.

Country Antiques and Treasures

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, this store offers some of the very best antique materials in the region. The antique jewels are typically lined with a deep history similar to the rich history of the small town. Given that all are authentic, you need not worry about purchasing a fake jewel or something of the sort. 

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