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What does your eye doctor think of your eye sight, if they send you this kind of appointment reminder? Just sayin’! Several years back, I was attending a seminar on law and legal marketing.
This blog is about some of my rambling thoughts about advertising. I think this all started when I repeatedly kept seeing the same advertisement for pillows. It was driving me crazy.
The Joel Bieber Firm past scholarship winners.
The Do's and Don'ts of car accident.
Yes... this is what I call a real rule breaker!
I have found myself making excuses for Wednesday blogs.
Courtney Bassani was born in New Jersey but moved frequently throughout her childhood.
The Joel Bieber Firm spent Halloween night volunteering at The Children’s Museum of Richmond’s 9th annual Halloween Hoopla.
I know that when you read Our Blog, you expect something helpful. Now here is some real life stuff:
Why did the lion lose at poker? Because he was playing with a cheetah. Boom!
The Joel Bieber Firm participated in the Giving Bag Project.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm photos of their activities throughout the year.
James Brazas was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia but moved frequently as a result of his father’s job as an officer in the United States Navy.
The Joel Bieber Firm participated in the CrossOver Challenge on April 21, 2012.
I know it is hard to believe, but I am truly starting the blog with a picture that is related to the subject matter. I know… that is some crazy blogging!
The Joel Bieber Law Firm videos.
In 2014 Kidney Walk, the Joel Bieber Firm raised $2,000 to go towards the National Kidney Foundation Efforts
Christopher Daughtry was born in Norfolk and grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia.
The Joel Bieber Team may be in need of new staff members as we continue to grow.
I was in a bit of a stretch where work was keeping me from blogging. Normally I do not miss more than a day without telling you first.
Michael B. Eller is a graduate of the Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina where he studied Biology; and also The University of South Carolina School of Law.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute support the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
Over the weekend, I spent some time watching the NFL draft. The draft might not be that exciting to you, but there were some interesting side stories.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute support for the Z Foundation.
I am not a big fan of Thyme. It’s description tells me that it is related to the Oregano family. I will not be invited to that family reunion.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute to the FEED More organization.
I wanted to start Our Blog week with a thought on success. If you type a version of “finding success” in your favorite search engine...
Geoffrey Glick was born and raised in Nassawadox, Virginia. His family was in the retail clothing business for years, but Geoffrey was more interested in law.
I could write about Ed… with cherries on his head. What?
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute funds to Mini's Mission to bring awareness to pediatric cancer.
Richmond native, attorney S. Michael “Mike” Glass attended the University of Richmond with a major in Latin.
I start out with a food quote because I was reminded by Uncle D about a food story for Our Blog.
After growing up in Henrico, Virginia, Jason Hart attended James Madison University for his Undergraduate Degree and later went on to Penn State for his Juris Doctor before settling back in Richmond with his family.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute to the Autism Speaks organizations.
This is a thinking blog starter for Friday… right? It is only understood by coffee drinkers!
Born in South Carolina, Miranda James spent her childhood and teenage years in Charlotte, NC and Bel Air, Md.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm showing the varies awareness it supports; for example, Breast Cancer, Children’s Grief Awareness Day and World Kidney Day.
The Joel Bieber Firm recognizes that education beyond the high school years can play a key role in a young person’s personal growth and eventual career success.
I love what Ronald Reagan wrote to Nancy!
Hall-of-Fame baseball pitcher Jim Palmer once criticized his manager Earl Weaver by saying, “The only thing that Earl knows about big-league pitching is that he couldn’t hit it“.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute to the Brain Association of Virginia.
He attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with his B.A. in Economics before beginning Law School at the University of Miami.
She attended Boston University for undergraduate degree, received her Masters Degree at Claremont Graduate University, and attended law school at Duquesne University School of Law.
Last week I missed a day of blogging and Uncle D asked why I hadn’t written a blog. “I didn’t have time” I said.
The Joel Bieber Law Firm contribute to the United Network of Organ Sharing.
The Joel Bieber Firm has focused on promoting education and achievement through scholarships to the Tabernacle Baptist Academy.
Several hundred years ago, a king and his men conquered a nearby village. From the village, they brought back the young people to the kingdom to serve the king.
He attended Vanderbilt University for his undergraduate degree and West Virginia University College of Law for his Juris Doctor.
The Joel Bieber Firm has actively been volunteering at the CARITAS Furniture Bank.
I just thought that I would start our work week with a story. A bit of cause and effect. Uncle D said that even though I am golfing again, (and just took my second lesson!) I cannot constantly blog on golfing.
He attended West Virginia University where he graduated with his undergraduate degree in Political Science and later attended Brooklyn Law School for his Juris Doctor.
The Joel Bieber Firm sponsors, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School’s Annual Bull Roast event located in Richmond, VA.
This is a blog on my thoughts on “Things I have learned, but sometimes there is no learning… things are just that way“. The title was just too long for Our Blog.
Joe Perez is a graduate of the University of Virginia for his undergraduate degree, and William and Mary Marshall Wythe School of Law.
Several years ago, I was playing on the Cavalier golf course in Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of the men in my foursome had a home on the golf course.
In Our Blog today, I am going to tell a childhood story about some wisdom from my dad, that was given many years ago.
Ellen graduated from University Texas-Austin with a degree in History before attending The University of Chicago Law School.
Prior to his work in personal injury law at The Joel Bieber Firm, Paul was a defense attorney.
I wanted a bicycle. I had wanted one for a long time but my family could not afford it. “Someday soon” they said.
Trenita attended Old Dominion University before receiving her Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law.
In baseball, no one wants to hear the umpire scream at them, “You are out!“, but that is basically what the Supreme Court just did.
Rick attended New England School of Law and where he received his Juris Doctor.
In John Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air, he writes his personal account at Mount Everest during the 1996 disaster, where eight climbers died and several others were stranded by a horrific storm.
I admit it. I have let you down! I am regularly asked, “How do you you have the time to blog“. And I almost bristle at that.
I never like to attend a church service and hear the minister get up and announce that he is starting a series of messages on one topic.
This is a blog that incorporates some legal with some presidential history. Plus food. Which covers some of my favorite topics.
I know some thought I dozed off and stopped blogging.
Like advice from a dog. (I should really say “from a mean dog“!) I have seen this dog “giving other advice” and the expression makes me laugh.
I sat down to blog and realized that our new website has a different platform and would not let me write. I think this was my expression.

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