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Brand Organic Tampon

Legal Action Involving L Brand Organic Tampons

At any given time, numerous unreasonably dangerous products are on the market. When they cause harm, victims lose trust and confidence. However, they have the authority to see compensatory damages for their losses.

L Organic Brand Organic Tampons is potentially one of these products. For this reason, they are facing more than one organic tampon lawsuit.


L Organic Tampons

The makers of L Organic Tampons claim L Organic Tampons to be 100% organic and have advertised the product as such. The product targets a section of the market that wants its hygiene products to be organic.

The problem with L Organic Tampons is that they are not 100% organic. Instead, they contain a substance known as titanium dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 is a coloring agent used to make products white. It is frequently found in various products within the United States, including:

  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Cosmetic products
  • Paint

However, it should never be found in products that claim to be 100% organic. Sadly, L Organic Tampons contain TiO2 but not in a natural form. Instead, the TiO2 used in L Organic Tampons is synthetic. This has opened L Organic up to more than one organic tampon lawsuit.

Brand Organic Tampon

Is TiO2 dangerous?

Studies have shown that TiO2 can be damaging to the human body. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has TiO2 classified as possibly causing cancer in humans. Also, a study with rats showed extended exposure to TiO2 to cause lung tumors in the animals. Additionally, mice have suffered fertility issues after exposure.

Legal Action Against L Organic

L Organic is facing a number of legal actions for its deceptive marketing tricks. Many women have sought legal help to hold the tampon maker accountable for its misleading advertising claims. These women know full well the dangers involved with coming into contact with TiO2. This is why they chose products that claim to be 100% organic.

Unfortunately, doctors have diagnosed some women who have used these tampons with conditions and issues that affect their reproductive health.

For example, one woman claims that she developed ovarian cysts and prolonged bleeding after using L Organic’s products. Instead of helping her control her monthly bleeding, the product allegedly caused weeks-long menstrual cycles.

She and others facing symptoms are exploring the option of an organic tampon lawsuit for damages.

Industry Response

The industry response to the L Organic Tampons issue and issues relating to TiO2 have shown that companies recognize the potential dangers of TiO2.

However, this recognition of risk has led to many promises but zero industry-wide action to remedy the problem, despite promises from many in the industry to phase out TiO2 and other harmful chemicals from the marketplace.

Until these companies face the liability they have created for themselves, many are likely to continue playing tricks with consumers and using risky substances to save money.

Fortunately for certain L Organic tampon users, more than one organic tampon lawsuit is brewing against the company for their misleading statements and potentially dangerous product.

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If you have used L Brand Organic Tampons and are experiencing symptoms of or have received a cancer diagnosis due to using an L Brand organic tampon, now is the time to take swift legal action with an organic tampon lawsuit to help preserve your legal claim.

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