Popular Events Held to Celebrate Art in Richmond

Why You Should Attend Art Events in Richmond

Richmond is known for its appreciation for art and craft among the residents. If you are a fanatic of all forms of art, there are many events that happen throughout the year that you might want to attend. Art events in Richmond attract visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. These art events are a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. Here are some popular art-related events that you might want to attend while in Richmond. Click here for facts about Richmond, VA.

Spotsy Arts Festival

Spotsy Arts Festival is one of the most popular art events held in Richmond. The event brings together exhibitions from both local and guest artists. Attending the Spotsy Arts Festival allows you to interact with artists from different cultural backgrounds. The event happens between August and September every year. Click here to read about Popular Salons and Spas in Richmond.

The Festival of Kites and Inflatable

This is one of the most colorful events in Richmond. Enjoy the lifetime experience as kites of different designs and colors take on to the skies. The event brings together different kite makers and artists displaying a wide variety of artifacts. Some of the displayed artifacts are painting and jewelry.

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