Popular Eateries in Timberlake You Should Check out

A Foodie’s Delight

Timberlake isn’t synonymous with having a vibrant, out of this world food scene. Apart from the nationwide fast-food chains, the likes of Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s, they do not have much to offer. However, there are a few restaurants within the area that serve up some delicious local cuisines. You should check them out. More facts can be seen here.


Sample Some Wonderful Pizza

If you are looking for somewhere you can take the family for some good pizza; then Blaze Pizza is the place to be. They serve up some of the best pizza in the entire neighborhood and never disappoint. A particular selling point is that their pizzas are gluten-free, so in case you have any dietary restrictions, there is nothing to worry about. Learn more about Popular Beaches Around Avalon Hills.


The Best Steak

If pizza is not your thing and you are leaning more towards classic American Steak, Bulls Steakhouse has got you covered. Located on Graves Mill Rd in Lynchburg just ten miles away from timberland, they have the best steaks in all of Virginia Beach. Their menu is very inclusive, and even if you aren’t feeling like having steak, there are plenty of options you can replace it with.

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