Greenville, SC’s Southernside Neighborhood Has Lots to Offer

If you live in the Southernside area, consider yourself lucky

Greenville, South Carolina has more than 70,000 residents who call the area home. The town is booming in recent years with tens of thousands of tourists coming through annually, and the town has responded by building more and more attractions. The city truly has tons of things to offer, some of which include:

  • The Poinsett Bridge

  • The Bon Secours Wellness Area

Whether you want nature or city life, Greenville can offer you both. Nestled into the South Carolina countryside, this city has lots to offer. Greenville was named one of the “Top 100 Arts Small Towns in the United States,” and the city has invested tons into developing its own fun and unique culture that attracts countless people every year. See more here.

The Poinsett Bridge

Located on the northern portion of the “Old South Carolina State Trail,” the Poinsett Bridge is a fabulous piece of history located in a beautiful portion of the woods. In visiting it you get to get into the outdoors and go on a fun hike before finding it. If you love history, then visiting the Poinsett Bridge is a must-do. See here for information about Park Place in Greenville Has Something for Everyone.

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