Greenville, SC is Museum Lovers City

Bucketful Museums In Greenville, SC

Museums are some of the best fun alternative spots. Some people will never want to hear anything to do with museums as they claim they can be tedious. On the other hand, other people are always on the move to sample different museums. If you are in this latter category and want to explore all that Greenville has, you will get many options. Discover more about  Greenville, SC  here.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

Suppose you are familiar with the famous baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson, this is the place to get a little lesson about him. The museum is the place where this legendary player resided and died. A visit to this place will give you an experience with some of his personal belongings and over 2000 books related to baseball.  Discover facts about Greenville, SC is a Festival City.

Museum & Library of Confederate History

For free lessons and experience with civil war artifacts, this is a must-visit place for you. Even though it is small and most often full, you will have enlightening moments if you are lucky and learn about confederate history as you enjoy the sight of some military equipment. 

The Children’s Museum of Upstate

The museum inspires hands-on experience and offers interactive lessons to children of all ages. It aims to provide children with chances to explore, question, and discover various issues that touch on human life.