Greenville, SC is an Outdoor Lovers City

Interactive Outdoor Activities in Greenville, SC

A majority of people prefer spending time outside to indoors. That is why everyone always wants to visit the city with plenty of things to do outside. Greenville is the mother of all, with its vast open spaces, there are surely more things to do outdoors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a deep urge to keep fit, consider the following. Further facts about  Greenville, SC  can be found here.

Go Hiking

Hiking is arguably the highest sought-after activity in the city. Spots to hike are so many and are countless, from the parks to the streets downtown and the shores. Wherever one chooses to go, the fun will be hassle-free because apart from merely walking and stretching, there are a plethora of scenic views to spice up the whole activity. Cedar Falls Park, Pleasant Ridge Park, and Lake Conestee Nature Preserve are the best places.  Information about Greenville, SC is a Water Fun Hub can be found here.  

Bike Riding

When it comes to bike riding, it is as if it is part of what the city invests in most. Greenville B-Cycle’s nine stations in the city make it an easy option for biking lovers to hire a bicycle from them. For cycling in the afternoon, the town’s best spot is the Swamp of the Rabbit trail. The trail is a beautiful connection that will further take you to other places.