Greenville, SC Is a Family-Friendly City

Amusement parks in Greenville, SC 

An excellent fun destination is where the whole family can have endless fun. Greenville is an ideal city when it comes to interactive family fun. Far from the natural parks, the town is a proud host to an array of amusement parks where families can have remarkable moments. If you plan on coming to town with the young one, do not hesitate because all of you will find something to do together. Below are some of the best amusement parks in the city. More about Greenville, SC  can be seen here.

Otter Creek Waterpark

It is a family fun center with sprawling fun opportunities. All year long, the park never closes its doors, and visitors can enjoy swimming from their top-tier swimming pools. Apart from waterslides, other rides with nothing to do with water are here for toddlers. Click here to read about Iconic Attractions In Greenville, SC.

Seventh Inning Splash Park 

A majority of the park is water-themed. Swimming enthusiasts have an Olympic-sized pool to have quality moments. Kids have both waterslides and other rides that do not involve water. It stands out as one of the safest of all the amusement parks. 

Discovery Island

The amusement park has waterslides and a pool. In Greenville, it is probably the largest and the most delightful. Kids and adults alike can make good use of the giant swimming pool features.