Explore the Great Outdoors of Chesapeake

 One for The Outdoor Lovers

If you love a little bit of that outdoor feel, then Chesapeake is perfect for you. There are plenty of parks and hiking trails where you can challenge yourself and fully be one with nature. If you are stuck on what places to check out, the following should be well worth your consideration. Virginia Beach, VA can be seen here.


Oak Grove Lake Park

Oak Grove Lake Park provides a beautiful place where you can take the dog for a walk, go for a run, or even take a leisure stroll by yourself or with some loved ones. There is a small children’s play area and a few tables that are perfect for a picnic. In addition to that, a short 1.5-mile loop around the lake provides some breathtaking views which can be very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Click here to read about Budget-Friendly Attractions in Woodbine NJ.


Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

The Dismal Swamp Canal Trail gives more of a woods kind of vibe. Some tourists have described it as the wildest trail they have ever seen. It runs for close to 8.5 miles from end to end, and there are a few trees on the sides which can provide shade when the sun gets too hot. The most preferred activity is biking, as the terrain is very supportive of that.

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