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This is a blog on my thoughts on “Things I have learned, but sometimes there is no learning… things are just that way“. The title was just too long for Our Blog.

I don’t mean to get too carried away.

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Yes, I know… you already know me well enough to know that I just wanted to throw that picture there!

Let me illustrate things that I have learned:

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And then there are things that just are:

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The law may not seem to be sensible, but it might just be the law. And no one has gotten around to changing it.

Rod Bell used to use the following expression that applies to those previous pictures and statements, “I said all that to say this“. So here goes:

Before going to law school, I worked as a legislative aide for Congressman William G. Whitehurst (Dr. Bill). He would periodically take me to lunch or have me run him on an errand. During those moments with him, I recall that he would try to explain his upcoming votes on certain pending legislation. And that’s when he really gave me a lesson on politics.

He would bemoan the fact that he was going to have to vote “no” on something that really meant “Yes” and the converse of that. I was completely confused. He would go on to say that legislators would have bills drafted that required him to vote “Yes, I am against that” or “No, I support that bill“.

Also, something he would initially support might get an amendment tacked on; that would now cause him not to support it. In matters involving personal injury, our Trial Lawyer organization will sometimes send around a news alert to let us know that there is an upcoming budget bill soon to be voted on in Congress.

The bill now includes an amendment that involved limits on medical malpractice. It was no longer a budget bill that also increased social security reserves. If a legislator votes against it because of the medical malpractice amendment, their opponent in the next election can claim that they voted against social security.

So what does that all mean in the blog context? I learned about legislation in those days. But, sometimes the learning just does not matter. Politics will still be politics. And so it goes!

And for pic o’ day…. I just needed a laugh!

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