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I know some thought I dozed off and stopped blogging.

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I have not been writing Our Blog because we are in the process of “going live” with a new website. They had to transfer all our old blogs to the new site, and there was no happiness in that task.

But, today I thought I would just post this because I missed blogging (a little bit). And, I was recently sent the following information “that you might want to use in your blog“:

The one-dollar bill has many symbols as a nod toward the original thirteen states. There are 13 steps on the pyramid. The motto above the pyramid has 13 letters. (annuit coeptis). E pluribus unum is written on the ribbon on the eagle’s beak…and that has 13 letters. There are 13 stars over the eagle’s head and 13 stripes on the shield. And, there are 13 war arrows on the eagles left talon. Clearly, 13 became a recurring theme.

So yes, I did want to use this in the blog. And, I did not know these dollar details. But when I think about it, I am most certain I will never remember these. Except, maybe the 13 steps on the pyramid. Do you plan on using Annuit Coeptis in conversation today?

So there…Our Blog today!

And for pic o’ day, how about some politics?

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