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I think it’s real easy to feel lazy after a long weekend. Right?


I just thought that I would start our work week with a story. A bit of cause and effect. Uncle D said that even though I am golfing again, (and just took my second lesson!)  I cannot constantly blog on golfing. Yes…I guess he is right. So maybe tomorrow a story about golf? For now, let’s see if we can figure out a moral to this story:

An insurance supervisor was getting ready to go to work. As he left his house and reached for his car door, a stray dog sleeping under his car suddenly darted out and bit his leg! The man got very angry. He picked up some rocks lying on the road, and threw them at the dog; but none hit the dog. The dog just ran away.

When the supervisor reached his office, he called a meeting of all the adjusters that worked in his office. During that meeting, he angrily put all his anger from that dog bite, on them.

Those adjusters got upset because of the anger of their boss. So they, in turn, put all of their anger and frustration on their staff. This chain reaction kept being passed on from each level of the insurance company. Finally, the anger reached down to the summer intern who had just graduated from college and had no one working under him.

After the office closed, the intern left to go home. When he arrived, his wife opened the door and asked him, “How was your day? Because of all the anger that had rolled down hill at the office, he angrily responded, “I didn’t just go to the office to play football, I had work to do. Stop irritating me with your dumb questions!”

This stunned his wife. Now she got angry. As she walked into the living room, she saw their son watching TV. Angrily she said, “Is this all you have to do? Surely you have some homework. Turn off the TV now!”

Now the son was mad! He stormed out of the house and saw a dog walking by the driveway. So he picked up a rock and threw it at the dog. When the dog got hit by the rock, he ran away barking in pain. And yes, this was the same dog who had bit the supervisor that morning.


I suppose that the moral of the story could have something to do with the influence on others when we are positive or negative. It’s why there are books written on the power of positive thinking.

Or, the moral could be…let sleeping dogs lie.


Or maybe the true meaning of this story…working for an insurance company can only cause anger!  (Said as a true plaintiffs lawyer)

Or maybe…we just should not throw stones!


Our pic o’ day makes me laugh!


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