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In Our Blog today, I am going to tell a childhood story about some wisdom from my dad, that was given many years ago. Which reminds me of the quote from a former major league baseball player and Mets broadcaster, Ralph Kiner.

He was famous for malapropisms. His “fun with words” in the broadcast booth included such gems as “If Casey Stengel were alive today, he would be spinning in his grave” and “Don Sutton lost thirteen games in a row without winning a ballgame“. But yesterday, I was reminded about what he once said during a broadcast on Fathers Day, “It’s Fathers Day today, so to all you fathers out there, Happy Birthday“.

But first, I decided to include in Our Blog some Monday positive thoughts.. And this is what I found from my “Positive Monday” search:


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Is this positive? Maybe I should be more positive and talk about exercise:

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Now as you read the following story, what do you think of my Dad’s wisdom?

My family moved to Elkton, Maryland, when I was almost nine. Thereafter, we moved to Virginia when I was twelve. The ages of 9-12 are very influential years if you are a sports fan. Especially when the local teams are good.

Soon, I was a fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Bullets (now Washington Wizards), and Baltimore Colts. (Now Indianapolis Colts). The entire town of Elkton seemed like they all were rooting for those teams.

But it was also a formative time for “wisdom”. Even then, I started thinking about being a lawyer because my dad kept telling me “You should be a lawyer”. I think his reasoning had something to do with my tendency to question things? But on to the wisdom:

There was a diner in Elkton named The Grand Diner. I have such good memories of going in there with my parents for all kinds of meals; but especially after church on Sunday nights.

The first or second time that we went there, the waitress came over after the meal and asked if we wanted to have some dessert. Then she went on to suggest that they had “just made some rice pudding“. I am sure that my eyes widened and my parents gave me the approving nod. Then, she asked in her southern accent, “Would you like me to put some ice cream on that?”.

I got excited. I probably wanted to say something in that same southern slang because we had been living in Tennessee. Something like, “Well butter me and call me a biscuit! Yes I want some ice cream on my rice pudding!”.

I saw her write on her order pad the words “rice and ice“. Over those next years, I said yes to “rice and ice” many many times.

As she walked away, my dad smiled and said something like this, “It always helps to get a waitress who is a little overweight, because she will give you food portions like she would want”. And yes… I still think that “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills“.

I think that my dad’s restaurant wisdom also applies to jury selection. I remember one jury consultant speaking on how to pick a jury with limited time for jury selection. It was a way of finding those who believe in the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you“. That is mentioned in Matthew 7:12 But, you cannot simply ask that in jury selection.

In that talk, the consultant recommended a few questions that included this one, “If you or a family member were injured because someone else’s fault, would you sue for injuries?”. That is a pretty good way of finding out whether a person is accepting of your client filing a lawsuit. Or would they be judgmental of the client? That’s similar to the Golden Rule wisdom in getting a large bowl of rice and ice!

And finally, for pic o’ day and to keep the positivity going:

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