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Last week I missed a day of blogging and Uncle D asked why I hadn’t written a blog. “I didn’t have time” I said. He reminded me that I usually at least post some pictures. So today, I have no blog. Seriously! This is not blogging! But let’s see where it takes us because I cannot face the wrath of Uncle D for my blogging failure.

First, you might want to put this on your calendar. National High Five Day. April 18, 2019.


dog and cat high five


You could travel far and wide and not get that kind of information!

How about this? German Chocolate Cake did not come from Germany. Put that in your cake mixer! This, despite the fact that President Lyndon B. Johnson served German Chocolate Cake at his ranch for a luncheon with the German Chancellor. No, that cake is an American creation from Texas.

And finally, because this is not a blog (although it appears to qualify as a word salad, which is really just a bunch of words thrown together) I end with this last thought/idea for your next email. Here is an article from CNBC on why Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon) sends emails to his staff with one single character.

He sends a question mark. It means “Can you look into this?” or “Why is this happening?”. “What is going on?“.

When I read this email strategy, it reminded me of this picture of homework. Look at this kid’s math answers:

bobby thinking

Correct answer…with a picture of Amy, unhappy with Bobby.

Since all this was a random, let’s close with the picture that has been circulating the Internet: If Trump and Kim Jong Un (Why can’t we just call him Un?) switched hair…

trump and Kim Jong-un


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