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First some happiness…and then on to golf!


Let’s get a starter pic o’ for our golf story. Sure beats a lemonade stand!


And now the golf story of responsibility.

Several years ago, I was playing on the Cavalier golf course in Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of the men in my foursome had a home on the golf course.

As we played the course, we came upon his home. I asked him if he enjoyed living on the course. He told me that he had gotten tired of golfers coming into his yard to retrieve their errant shots. So he came up with a plan.

He pointed to his backyard. There in the middle was a big Planter Pot just sitting in the yard. But, it was broken in two pieces and a golf ball sat in the middle of the pot. He told me that now, no one comes into his yard. Once they start looking for their ball and see the broken pot with the golf ball sitting in the middle, they just keep moving. As he put it, “No one wants to be responsible“.

I feel like I am stating the obvious. But, that feels like my job as I am negotiating and handling claims. Have you seen some of the huge corporate settlements? You will hear about a large multi-million dollar payment that includes, “settlement without admitting guilt“.

Now in 36 states, doctors can say that they are sorry with their apologies not being admissible in court. (Apology Laws) Statistically, it has reduced the amount of lawsuits filed. A reminder that in many instances, people just want someone to accept responsibility.

And for pic o’ day…yes, more golf. (This counts because it ties into the blog. Right?)


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