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I wanted a bicycle. I had wanted one for a long time but my family could not afford it. “Someday soon” they said. I would look across the street at the Hixons, as they rode their bikes. I am sure that they would have loaned me one but I did not know how to ride. I was a late bloomer at the age of 7 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But I wanted to learn how to ride!



Then one day, the Hixons brought home a new bike and they asked me if I wanted their old one. Yes I did! In the front yard, I climbed on the bike and starting riding. If I am being honest, I rode about a foot and fell over. Embarrassment and determination kicked in. Soon, I was riding and I felt an amazing freedom.

I rode up and down the street and in the backyard. Then I got crazy and rode all over the neighborhood. As I think about it, I still might be riding. A bit like Forrest Gump running, if I had just not grown up. Plus, I had to go to work. Just sayin’. That enjoyment of just being free.


For some reason, that memory came to me as I was sitting on the front porch a few mornings ago. I had finished working out and I just walked outside (to see if it was going to rain again). As I sat there, I closed my eyes. I could hear the birds. Different chirping and screeching sounds coming from the woods. And I felt a breeze blowing against my face. (I even wondered why a woodpecker was hammering on a tree across the street…but I digress).

For that moment, I felt an incredible feeling of freedom. A sense of peace and enjoyment. I wanted to bottle that feeling and take it with me. It took me back to that emotion when I was seven, riding my bike down the street.

Sometimes in my closing argument to juries, I discuss the losses that my client has suffered. Of course there are medical bills and medical treatment and permanent injury.  The law also recognizes a loss of enjoyment of life. It’s hard to put a price tag on that loss. But in those moments on that bike or when I was sitting on that porch, those moments hold great value to me.


And for pic o’ day… in the moment of a wedding, Wedding Llamas?



But that does not keep me from enjoying a llama who decides to photobomb the wedding ceremony.



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