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I have been posting a few “last blogs” to this platform that feel a bit like Snapchat blogs. What? I think that they will disappear when we are live with our new website. That fact… and because it is Friday, gives me reason to just have “stuff” in Our Blog today. Get ready for random from the blog closet.

Like advice from a dog. (I should really say “from a mean dog“!) I have seen this dog “giving other advice” and the expression makes me laugh.


husky making a weird face


Or advice from a Lion. I guess that’s the way to break up a fight. Only few can be a lion.


lion roaring at his cubs


That kind of stuff!

From Our Greenville, South Carolina office, here’s what they say in the south when someone has no character:

You’re lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. She’s meaner than a wet panther. He’s a snake in the grass. He’s an egg-suckin’ dawg!

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(Have you noticed a continuing pattern of absolutely no rhyme or reason? Just sayin’. It’s called freebird!)

I thought this was a good article from the NY Times on how to pose for a photograph. (Here) Ideas like making sure to elongate your neck. Find your good side. Don’t say “cheese.” How can you be angry in finding your good side?

I started to work on a blog about sports contracts.(confession) I have lots of notes but I had just been unable to put it together. So, here’s a taste of one contract that caught my attention:

In 1986, after having a pretty good statistical season while posting a record of 11-2. It was time for Houston Astros pitcher Charlie Kerfeld to sign a new contract. He was already known for pitching in his lucky Jetsons T-shirt underneath his uniform.

To start the negotiations,Kerfeld asked for $110,037.37. The change was because it matched his No. 37 jersey, for good luck in pitching in 1987. On top of that, he insisted by contact in receiving 37 boxes of orange Jell-O in the deal.

That negotiating should have been a telling sign. The Astros would soon regret this delicious bonus. Kerfeld, who was  caught eating ribs in the dugout that season, would battle weight and injury problems and get sent down to the minors.


Astro player with pink beard


I  could keep going because there is lots in the blog closet instead…best wrap it up!

I will be out next week on a cruise and for the holiday. When I get back, hopefully we will be up and running with our new site.

Remember to stay cool this weekend! Watch out for those ribs… and I hope you have a wonderful July 4th!


black bear in the pool


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