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I was in a bit of a stretch where work was keeping me from blogging. Normally I do not miss more than a day without telling you first. I was sidetracked… and then I saw this picture of Audrey Hepburn.

It made no sense…unless you also take your deer shopping with you.

lady reading a book to a deer

The deer’s name was Pippin and was in the movie Green Mansions in which starred Hepburn. The director of the movie had told her to spend time with the deer, to let the deer get used to her.

Clearly not Pippin!

go home deer

Hepburn was famous for many acting roles (wikipedia), but especially famous for Breakfast At Tiffany’s“. That movie goes all the way back to 1961, but is still universally recognized today. Ladies still reportedly still sometimes walk into Tiffany’s, just like the movie, with a bag of danish pastries. (In real life, Hepburn preferred ice cream…and so do I!)

Just as a throw-in…because that’s Our Blog! In the movie, the incarcerated mobster is played by actor Alan Reed. He is also known as the original voice in The Flintstones. Who would guess that Fred Flintstone would have something in common with a mobster? Oh, that Barney Rubble. What an actor. (Night Shift)

Hepburn is an actress described in the acting industry as an EGOT. She is one of 14 people to date who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award.

After she retired from acting, she won an Emmy hosting a PBS documentary series titled Audrey Hepburn’s Gardens of the World. Because she already enjoyed gardening, she thrived as the show featured her visiting some of the world’s most spectacular gardens.

It was her commitment to her acting craft that made her so successful. Which brings me to the analogy of good representation.

Years ago, a lawyer told me that you can be a good lawyer… but not a great lawyer without true commitment. And then he went on to say what that meant to him. Experiencing and understanding what his client was going through because of injury.

To him, that always meant going into the home of his client and spending time there. In many cases, he would ask the client and family if he could spend the night in their home, to truly understand the effects of injury.

In one home, I saw visible signs of the effects of a brain injury. Prior to going there, the client had been unable to really describe how his brain injury or memory issues were affecting him. Then at his home, there were sticky notes all over the house… to remind the client and to help with organization of his daily life. Something I would never had known, if I had not been in his home.

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced“. John Keats.

I hope you have a great weekend! These are the good days. A time to keep moving and keep experiencing!

And for our Pic o’ day…

yoga bear


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