Best Places to Be for Lovers of Performing Arts in Richmond

Experience great plays and other performed shows by renowned writers and actors in one of the many theaters open within Richmond. There are also outdoor performing art shows to spice up your experience under the moon. The diversity within the creative industry of Richmond makes it easy for everyone to find what suits their taste best. Here are some popular performing art centers you might want to visit while in Richmond. Further facts about Richmond, VA can be found here.

Altria Theater

Altria Theater is one of the most popular entertainment spots in Richmond. The theater hosts a variety of shows and plays. One of the popular personalities hosted by the Altria Theater is Chris Tucker. Altria Theater also hosts a wide range of musical plays and comedy shows for revelers in Richmond. Information about Popular Holiday Celebrations in Richmond, VA Lawyer can be found here

Firehouse Theatre

This is one of the most iconic theatres in Richmond. Firehouse Theatre is hosted by a building formerly owned by the Richmond fire department. The theatre company acquired the building in 1993 and made it a center for community engagement and entertainment. Firehouse has premiered several new pays, including the popular play, Hamiltunes RVA.

Carpenter Theatre

Carpenter Theatre is one of the oldest entertainment centers in Richmond. The theatre boasts of state-of-the-art lighting and world-class acoustics. Enjoy a memorable theatre experience during one of the plays in this old world-themed theatre.

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