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Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer in MD

If you’ve been the victim of medical care gone wrong, a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer can help you recover compensation for the damage.

Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers have a responsibility to provide every patient with timely and attentive care. When a patient experiences a medical mistake or their doctor fails to provide correct treatment, they can experience serious health repercussions as a result.

If you’ve been harmed by a healthcare provider, or a lack of care has resulted in avoidable health issues, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. Taking legal action can help you recover compensation for medical bills and other costs resulting from your doctor’s actions.

The Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm have a reputation for their skill at recovering significant compensation for clients injured through medical malpractice. Give us a call today to learn more about whether you qualify for compensation over medical malpractice.

What Counts as Medical Malpractice?

Healthcare providers have a professional duty to provide appropriate care to the patients they treat. When they fail in this duty, they can be found guilty of medical malpractice. A medical malpractice claim can be filed against a wide range of healthcare professionals, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Technicians
  • Hospital workers
  • EMTs
  • Dentists
  • Medical facilities

Broadly, medical malpractice tends to fall under one of two categories. One involves a wrongful action, while the other involves a failure to act. In both situations, a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer can file a medical malpractice claim to help the patient seek compensation.

Medical malpractice can bring significant short- and long-term health consequences. It can also bring high levels of medical debt, permanently alter a patient’s health and quality of life, and sometimes even result in death.

Types of Baltimore Medical Malpractice Claims

There are numerous ways that a healthcare worker can cause harm to a patient under their care. However, certain types of medical errors and omissions tend to be more common. Some of the most frequent types of medical malpractice claims filed in Baltimore involve:

  • Surgical or procedural error
  • Prescription drug error
  • Childbirth injury
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to treat

These injuries often result in death or permanent disability. For example, childbirth injuries may cause serious physical and developmental damage. In addition to the emotional toll this type of injury brings, a childbirth injury can also lead to significant costs for lifetime care that wouldn’t exist if the injury had not occurred.

What all of the above cases have in common is that the medical professional failed to act by the standard for how they should have treated their patient. When your lawyer can prove that medical malpractice occurred, your healthcare provider can be held financially responsible for the damage you experienced while under their care. 

How a Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

Medical malpractice claims are one of the most complicated forms of personal injury cases. First, you need to consult with a medical malpractice lawyer. If your lawyer thinks you have grounds for a case, they can file a medical malpractice claim on your behalf. 

Once this is done, Maryland law requires that your lawyer also submit a certificate within 90 days showing that a qualified medical expert has reviewed your case. This medical expert will need to swear under oath that the care you received violated the accepted level of medical care you should have received. 

In more complicated cases involving serious injuries and higher compensation, there are additional legal requirements that your lawyer will need to fulfill, and these can add to the time it takes to pursue your case. 

Your case will likely go through arbitration as your lawyer tries to settle for an adequate compensation value. In some cases, it may be necessary to go to court.  

In Maryland, a patient has five years to take legal action over medical malpractice. When the injury is not immediately discovered, you have three years from the date of discovery. 

It takes time for a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer to build a case, and medical malpractice often involves waiting periods. Waiting to contact a lawyer puts you at risk of missing the deadline and losing out on compensation that would otherwise be owed to you. 

Compensation in a Baltimore Medical Malpractice Case

A key part of your lawyer’s job is to identify all forms of damage to establish a target compensation. This can include any financial costs, like medical bills, future medical expenses, and lost wages. You can also seek compensation for non-financial damages, like emotional anguish or reduced quality of life.

Damages that are not financial in nature are called “non-economic damages” in personal injury law. It’s common for state laws to place a cap, or financial limit, on the amount a victim can receive in medical malpractice cases. In Maryland, the cap on medical malpractice non-economic damages is $860,000.

The best way to learn how much your case might be worth is to arrange a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore.

Involve a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer in Your Case

The Joel Bieber Firm is a leader in personal injury law, and our firm has locations in seven states.

The Joel Bieber Firm has a strong record of successfully pursuing medical malpractice cases for our clients. A consultation with one of our Baltimore personal injury attorneys can help you understand whether you have grounds for a claim and how much your case might be worth.

If you’re concerned about the medical care you or a loved one received, your situation may qualify you for medical malpractice compensation. A medical malpractice claim is complicated, so delaying action is a mistake. Don’t wait to ask for help.

Call The Joel Bieber Firm today to arrange a consultation with a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer.

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