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Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyer Baltimore

Founded in 1729, Baltimore has changed its appearance in some significant ways over the past three centuries. Some things have not changed, however. These include outdated and unsafe building materials that remain in many older homes.

One such antiquated and dangerous building material is lead paint. Yet, it still presents health risks to you and others who reside in this historic city. Contact a lead paint poisoning lawyer Baltimore if you or your loved once are suffering from it.

Though It Is Discontinued, Lead Paint Lingers

The federal government banned the use of lead paint in residential structures beginning in 1978. However, this ban was not accompanied by any mandate. Homeowners weren’t required to remove and replace lead paint already present in their homes.

Unless homeowners of residences built before 1978 actively took steps to remove lead paint, this toxic substance is still present in many older homes.

Lead Paint Leads to Serious Health Complications

Lead paint poses a health danger, especially to children, who might ingest or inhale lead paint chips or dust. Some of the ways in which lead paint can impact your health include:

  • Damage to internal organs
  • Brain swelling and brain damage
  • Delayed or reduced intellectual development in children
  • Development of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Other emotional or cognitive impairments

These effects can be permanent. This is why it is crucial that you take the threat of lead paint seriously, especially if you have children. You should also consider your need for compensation if the home you live in contains lead paint.

Legal Remedies for Lead Paint Exposure

If you are purchasing a home, the seller must tell you anything they know about lead paint’s presence in the home. They must also give you a pamphlet prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This pamphlet discusses the dangers of lead paint.

Furthermore, a seller must give you at least ten days following disclosure and allow you to hire a professional to test for lead paint at your expense.

Finally, if your “new” residence is an old home you rent, the landlord must tell you of any lead paint. You and the landlord must also sign the EPA’s pamphlet attesting that the landlord advised you of whether there was lead paint in the unit before signing your lease.

Fines and penalties can be imposed on sellers and landlords who do not fulfill this obligation. More importantly, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit against a seller or landlord who fails to disclose lead paint if you or your family members are harmed.

You can bring a Maryland lead paint lawsuit with the help of a lead paint poisoning lawyer Baltimore. As a result, you could recover financial damages to address any of the following losses:

  • Related medical expenses, medical tests, and treatment costs
  • Lost wages or lost future earning potential
  • Mental suffering and anguish brought on by lead paint poisoning complications
  • Punitive damages for landlords or sellers who act egregiously and deliberately

Your lead paint poisoning lawyer Baltimore will meet with you to learn about your circumstances and provide you with an assessment of what your case could be worth.

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