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Baltimore Sexual Harassment Lawyer, MD

Your workplace is one of the places you should feel the safest, especially considering the long hours you spend there daily. Unfortunately, experiencing sexual assault can take a toll on your physical and mental health and make it impossible to work and live in peace. If you’ve experienced sexual assault, the skilled Baltimore sexual harassment lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm want to help you.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Generally, sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances between anyone of any sex or sexual orientation. Furthermore, this type of harassment can be physical or verbal, making the victim feel awkward or unsafe.

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, but it most often occurs in the workplace. Repeated harassment can create a hostile and uncomfortable work environment for victims.

Harassment that is sexual in nature can look different for everyone. Some of the most common examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include:

  • Catcalling
  • Making sexual jokes
  • Sharing sexual stories or fantasies
  • Showing or sharing sexual photos or videos
  • Making inappropriate gestures toward the victim
  • Spreading rumors or misinformation about the victim
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Making statements about the victim based on their gender or sexual orientation
  • Demanding sexual favors in exchange for a job, promotion, or raise
  • Physical sexual assault

It is not uncommon for sexual harassment to go unreported, causing harassers to continue their vile behavior. So if you know or believe you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work, do not hesitate to take a stand and seek legal help.

Filing a Claim for Sexual Harassment

When you’re ready to take action and file a claim for sexual harassment, there is a certain process to follow. These types of cases are unique and require specific steps.

First, report the sexual harassment to your human resources department. In most cases, companies require their employees to report any harassment to HR so they can conduct their own internal investigation. However, this is not always successful, so you may need to proceed to the next step.

Typically, the next step after reporting your harassment to HR is filing a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You must file your complaint within 180 days of the latest incident of sexual harassment. Then, the EEOC will conduct its own investigation.

After the investigation, if the EEOC determines there was, in fact, sexual harassment, they can punish the harasser and the company and award you damages for your harm.

Should the EEOC not find enough evidence to take action, they can provide you with a “right to sue” letter. You must obtain a right-to-sue letter before filing a lawsuit against your employer for sexual harassment.

It can be challenging to navigate sexual assault claims at any level. Fortunately, a Baltimore sexual harassment lawyer can provide the legal advice and support you need to take the necessary steps and seek justice for the sexual assault you’ve endured.

The Joel Bieber Firm Is Ready to Help You End the Harassment

Experiencing sexual assault can be traumatic, stressful, and scary. The Joel Bieber Firm can give you the care and compassion you deserve during a trying time while also providing top-quality legal representation to protect your rights.

If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, contact our firm to request a consultation with a Baltimore sexual harassment lawyer.

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