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Baltimore Prescription Drug Lawyer, MD

When you take a prescription medication, you trust it will help address your medical needs. However, in unfortunate cases, defective prescription drugs can hurt you rather than help you. If you’ve suffered injuries from prescription drugs, do not hesitate to speak with a Baltimore prescription drug lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm.

Product Liability for Defective Prescription Drugs

A defective drug is dangerous because it could cause health issues and harmful side effects. Therefore, product liability comes into play when you’ve experienced harm from a defective prescription drug.

Product liability refers to product designers’, manufacturers’, distributors’, and retailers’ responsibility for creating and distributing a dangerous product. Because there are so many factors, it’s essential to find the root cause of the defect when filing a product liability case.

Defective drugs often fall into one of three categories:

  • Defective design: Prescription drugs treat certain conditions, but when chemists formulate them defectively, they can put consumers at risk
  • Manufacturing issues: Problems with manufacturing, like contamination, can cause consumers to experience substantial negative side effects
  • Inadequate warnings: Prescription drugs without necessary usage instructions and warnings can harm consumers instead of benefiting them

A knowledgeable prescription drug lawyer can investigate your situation to determine the cause of your health issues. Depending on what the investigation uncovers, your lawyer may find information about who is liable for your injury.

Defective Prescription Drugs in Baltimore

Numerous prescription drugs have been the center of defective drug lawsuits in Baltimore and all over the country. For example, some of the more well-known prescription drugs that have been found to be defective and harmful to patients include:

  • Xarelto
  • Zofran
  • Accutane
  • Zoloft
  • Prozac
  • Paxil
  • Celebrex

This is just a short list of some prescription drugs found to be dangerous in specific circumstances. However, professionals are always finding more medications that are defective.

Therefore, if you believe your prescription medication may be causing you harm, don’t wait to consult with a prescription drug attorney in Baltimore.

Seek Legal Guidance from a Baltimore Prescription Drug Lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm

Suffering serious and unwanted side effects after using a prescription drug can harm your quality of life. Unfortunately, they can put you at risk for health complications and sometimes even death. The legal team at The Joel Bieber Firm wants to pursue justice on your behalf and work diligently to get the compensation you deserve.

Therefore, if a defective drug has harmed you, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation with a Baltimore prescription drug lawyer

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